Jo is a beautiful large cuddly grey and white tom now looking for a loving permanent home after being taken in off the streets. Anyone interested in offering him a home please get in touch if you live in a quiet area away from busy roads.   He is a real big softie and just wants someone to love him

If you'd like something different you might like to consider Tiffany.   She is a silver spotted Bengal and has beautiful markings.   She is also extremely affectionate and laid back and will make a lovely addition to your family.   If you would like to meet her please ring Sheila on 01132188262 or email us through our contact section.   New homes will only be considered if you are far enough away from any busy roads

Vicky is a three year old ginger and white girl.  She has a very sweet personality and is very fussy and friendly. Vicky gets on with everyone and would make a lovely family pet.  She has been spayed.

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