Dudley was living outside when we got a phone call about him.   He was near a shopping centre and was living on scraps etc.   Because he is so friendly we think he was dumped there.   He wasn't neutered or microchipped and so obviously had nobody who wanted him.   Hard to understand when you see how loving he is.    We took him in and he's now had all his vaccinations, has been neutered and microchipped and is ready to go to the loving permanent home he deserves.   He's a gorgeous little boy approximately 11 or 12 months old.  If you would like to meet Dudley please get in touch 

Mindy came to us as a stray.   She had obviously had a home in the past and must have got lost as she turned up in a garden and spent her days sitting on the owners doorstep trying to get in.   She was totally lost.   We have been unable to find her previous owner.   She is a beautiful little cat, and has a very good temperament.   Although she is not keen on other cats she does have one friend in Winston if you happen to be looking for a pair.   They both arrived here at the same time and seem to have taken to each other.   As usual we are looking for a quiet home away from busy roads.   If you would like to meet Mindy please ring Sheila on 01132188262 or email me through our contact section

Winston is a gorgeous cat, half Maine Coon,  who has unfortunately not got off to a very good start.   We are looking for a responsible owner who will give him a loving permanent home.   So far he has been sold on Facebook twice and he deserves much better.   He has a lot of love to give the right person.   If you would like to meet Winston and live in a quiet area away from busy roads please ring Sheila on 01132188262 or email us through our contact section.   

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