Daisy is another of the cats we have rescued from a multi cat household where they have been sadly neglected and so far have had a terrible life.   She is now ready to go to her new home, she has just had a dental and she is approximately 4/5 years old.   Despite the life she's had she is an extremely loving little cat and will make someone a lovely pet.   She would suit the quieter home where she can get a lot of attention which is something all these cats have so far lacked.   If you would like to meet Daisy please get in touch

We are at the present time dealing with a multi cat household and have various older cats looking for caring homes.   We have had them all vet treated, including dentals, so as they can go to new homes in a healthy condition.   Little Minnie here is one of them.   She is approximately 6 or 7 years old, is extremely affectionate and a very petite cat.   Just wants to be with you all the time so would be suitable for a quieter home where she can have lots of attention.  She is fine with other cats.   If you would like to meet Minnie or any of the others from this household please get in touch

Hello! My name is Natalie --- my fosterer was up to letter N when our names were suggested--- and I came into care with my friend Norman. I am also 2 years of age, a cuddly,  shiny and bonny girl.  I get on pretty well with my house mates but I think I should be happy as an only cat too.   I deserve to have a lovely home away from nasty, busy roads and to enjoy the company of kind humans who will look after me. 

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