This lovely boy is Jasper. He had been wandering the streets for about 5 years until a few weeks ago when he came into care. He has been neutered, Id chipped, neg to fiv/felv and fully vaccinated. He is very placid and who could fail to love those chubby cheeks? If you can offer him a home, away from busy roads, please get in touch with Cat Action Trust 1977 Leeds.



Bella and Misty

Bella and Misty are two 5 year old sisters. They have always been indoor cats. Unfortunately they have had the rough end of the stick for the past couple of years. They are both very loving & affectionate and we are looking for somewhere nice for them where they will get the attention they deserve. They are going to have dental work carried out before they go  anywhere and this is scheduled for Friday the 20th but if anyone would like to meet them before then this can be arranged. They will make 2 lovely pets. If you feel they are the ones for you and live in a quiet area away from busy roads please get in touch.



Patches, Bruno and Nala

Bruno aged approximately 4 months and brought into care with his sister Nala and mum, Patches. Mum cat was abandoned unspeyed and the kittens were already feral when they came into care. The 2 kittens are still timid but can be stroked when they're engrossed in food or playing. Nala can be picked up and Patches (mum) is tame and very gentle. She has only one eye -- it's a genetic defect.

At present, the 2 girls are speyed and mum is negative to Fiv/felv. Bruno will be neutered in a few weeks time and all will be vaccinated, Id chipped and blood tested in due course.


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