Bolly and Billy are 2 lovely cats, abandoned by their previous owner and deserving a loving home with someone who is going to take good care of them and give them a lot of love.

Bolly is the tabby cat, we've been calling her Meg. She's quite a timid cat initially

but very sweet once she's settled, she's very playful and rather cheeky but does enjoy a cuddle.

Billy is the black cat, we've been calling her Mog. She's is a talkative cat and absolutely loves her cuddles, she's very sweet and loving and just can't wait to get on your knee. She has the most amazing green eyes.

They could go together or apart.

If you live in a quiet area away from busy roads and would like to meet these two lovely girls please get in touch

Jerry and Joey are 2 very affectionate young toms, 10 months old. They are looking for a loving home together in a quiet area away from busy roads. We will not split them but if you are interested in meeting them with a view to giving them both a home please get in touch. We are looking as usual for a quiet area away from busy roads

Loki is the most loving Tom ever. He is nearly 3 years old, a large cat weighing 6 kg, and his only problem is that he's not keen on other cats and so we are looking for a caring home for him in a quiet area away from busy roads where he can be the only pet. If you fit this criteria and would like to meet this gorgeous boy please get in touch

Mr Jinx has now been neutered), is id chipped, negative to fiv/felv and has had his first vaccination.  . He is a lovely passive boy, gets on with our own cats and used the litter trays last night after his operation. He would make a lovely pet either alone or with an equally passive cat. If you can offer him a safe forever home then please get in touch with Cat Action Trust 1977 Leeds

Patches, Bruno and Nala

Bruno aged approximately 4 months and brought into care with his sister Nala and mum, Patches. Mum cat was abandoned unspeyed and the kittens were already feral when they came into care. The 2 kittens are still timid but can be stroked when they're engrossed in food or playing. Nala can be picked up and Patches (mum) is tame and very gentle. She has only one eye -- it's a genetic defect.

At present, the 2 girls are speyed and mum is negative to Fiv/felv. Bruno will be neutered in a few weeks time and all will be vaccinated, Id chipped and blood tested in due course.



This is the lovely Shadow. She is a petite little cat and is so very friendly and loving. She likes lots of attention. We think she is approximately 1/2 years old. She was abandoned by her previous owner who moved house and left her 2 cats behind. We are still trying to find the other one. She is now ready to go to a new home and we are looking for someone in a quiet area away from busy roads who will be able to spend some time with her as she is not a cat who will want to be left alone all day with someone who is working. If you would like to meet Shadow please get in touch

This is Sid who was straying around the area and unapproachable. One rainy day he came for food and happily went into the empty cat pen. He has been neutered, id chipped and is negative to fiv/felv. He will finish his vaccinations in 2 weeks time. He is now a lovely friendly boy, who wants lots of cuddles. Can you resist those gorgeous chubby cheeks? Aged around 5 years.  if you would like to meet Sid and live in a quiet area away from busy roads please get in touch

Suki has turned out to be a lovely friendly girl.   We took her in with her litter of kittens 2 months ago.   She was very protective of her kittens and we couldn't get anywhere near her for weeks.   However her kittens have now gone to homes and Suki has been spayed and is now ready to find her own new permanent home.   She has totally changed since her kittens went to homes and has become very loving and playful and will make someone a beautiful pet.  She is somewhere between a year and 18 months old.   If you would like to meet Suki and live in a quiet area away from busy roads please get in touch

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