Minnie, Mia, Mickey and Tia

Minnie is very energetic, full of life and loves to play. She loves being stroked and will even roll over for you!


Next is Mia; the quiet one of the bunch. She likes lots of gentle attention, but is very inquisitive and investigates everything.


Mickey is very forward - the first one there for everything, loves your attention, headbutts your hand till you stroke him, and gives you kisses by headbutting your mouth with his nose.


Last is Tia, this little girl just wants to sit on your knee and get as many cuddles as she can get!




Jerry, Jessie & Joey

These little babes are now ready to find their new forever home/homes. They are a lovely litter and very mischievous and playful as they should be. Jessie is the little black and white girl, loves attention and being noticed. Jerry and Joey also are so playful and friendly. They will make someone very happy. If you would like to meet them and live in a quiet area away from busy roads please get in touch.



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